Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.
— Anthony Bourdain


FRESH supports a wide variety of food systems research, education, consulting, event support, and networking services.

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Grant-Writing and Funding

  • Grant-writing consulting

  • Grant-writing assistance

  • Funding opportunities research

  • Manuscript preparation

Applied Research and Evaluation

  • Quantitative and qualitative food systems research

  • Community food assessment

  • Food sovereignty assessment

  • Health impact assessment

  • Program evaluation

  • Food system mapping

  • Environmental quality analysis

  • Nutritional content analysis

  • Food policy analysis, implementation, and evaluation

  • Systematic literature review and analysis

Food Business Consultation

  • Value-added services

  • Food start-up consulting

  • Market analysis


  • Curriculum development

  • Educational and marketing materials

  • Topical workshops/classes


  • Community mobilization and stakeholder engagement

  • Event facilitation

  • Community food tours

  • Event planning and management

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